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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Night has long been settled and there are no stars to be seen. At least outside my little window to the world. The view is mostly made up of an overpopulated parking lot and a tree or two that melds into the inky sky. One typically assumes a college dormitory would be bursting with vivacity at this hour. Especially considering today WSU was closed on account of the snow. This, however, is not so at my end of the hall. So as a few remnants of an Over the Rhine CD seep beneath my doorway and into the vacant corridor I reacquaint myself with the joys of differential equations. It is not long before I find my thoughts roaming in other directions. I often wonder exactly what am I hoping to achieve during my stay at Wright State. I feel like my dense little brain can’t possible grasp even half the information being hurled at it. Let alone at the alarming speed I am bombarded with said data. Most days I think I should just be branded as a failure and let that be that. If I fall behind ever so slightly I consider death more alluring than receiving less than a passing grade. Honestly, what right does a crazy little girl have to be gallivanting among scholars? Ah well…..back to my studies. And so end the late night babblings of this sleepy soul.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Suppose it has been long enough since I last updated my blog??? Teeheehee. Sadly enough I'm not updating my blog because anything interesting has transpired. Rather it is on account of the lack of sleep I have at the moment that I have this odd desire to ramble aimlessly via my keyboard. It's funny how talking about practically nothing to yourself can be a form of entertainment in itself. Random thought......Lil has started a blog! Hoorah for Lil!!! At the moment that constitutes all the excitement this little rabbit can stand. Hopefully I shall update my blog again before the turn of the month with something a tad more entertaining. Until then.......toodle-oo!