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Friday, May 28, 2004

Oh what a wonderful sight! :-D

Sunday, May 09, 2004

I visited my mamaw and papaw earlier this evening and to my delight papaw had found a rabbit nest recently. The little bunnies were SO cute!!!! Here's a picture that i found online that looks just like them. This is another picture of some super cute baby rabbits. Aren't they just the most adorable things you've ever seen??? On that note...I have decided that whenever it is that I am capable of moving out on my own and getting an apartment my campanion of choice shall be a french lop eared rabbit. They tend to average on a girth of ten to twelve pounds, but have been known to grow as large as twenty-two pounds. That is one big bunny! They can also be trained to use a litter box. I found that to be pretty nifty. Upon a brief glance at the clock (and an "EEP!!" or two) I must be off to bed. 7 a.m. comes way too early....especially since the current time is 2:50 a.m. Ah to dream of happy rabbits.....