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Thursday, September 30, 2004

La la la...... it's been a while since my last post and much has happened in the life of Robin. Many adventures have transpired with the Six Steps team, classes at good ol' WSU have started, and lo and behold I am now employed. The Six Steps tales will have to wait until another night (or should I say other nights) since I haven't the stamina to recount one at the moment. Classes are going remarkably well. Shockingly enough I have regained my perfectionist approach to my education. What happened to me?!?!? Maybe it was the change of major. But alas, I am no longer the slacker I once was. *sigh.* My days of staying in bed more than twenty-four hours have come to a close; granted that happened at the begining of the summer. So hopefully this will also make for an overall happier and more tolerable/less depressed Robin. The latest excitement comes in the form of a job. Yes, this college student is now a working gal. I'm now part of the workforce at Books-A-Million. Woo hoo!! While the pay is not fabulous, it's not too terrible either. Plus I get to work around books all day. What more could an english major ask for? (at least before she's got a degree ;) ) Well, I suppose that wraps things up for the moment since I need to be writing a poem or two for class tomorrow. Oh, one last thought.....I GOT BUNNIES!!!!!!!! :) Lil has already posted some pics of them on her blog so I'll just link to them for now and post some of my own later. :-D

This one is Pumpkin...

and this one is Turnip.

Here they are together. Aren't they just adorable???

And on that note, I bid you goodnight. :)