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Friday, October 08, 2004


Well, I guess it's technically more of a convention. Not that it really matters. So this weekend I will be traveling to sunny Cincinnati for an all expenses paid (by me) three day and two night stay at the luxurious Woodfiled Suites. (I think it's actually the Woodfield Suites but that is how it was spelled in the email and thus it shall remain.) This is the locale for the annual Crosswalk Fall Convention this year. As a Six Step gal I am required to be in attendance. I must say, at first I was reluctant to go. Now I'm anxiously awaiting my departure. What spurred on this change in attitude? Things falling apart, of course! It's not that I don't miss my Six Steps buddies dearly, I just had a to-do list I didn't want to let go of. With a little encouragement I laid aside my school work and job related responsibilities. Although I don't feel ready, off I go. Off to leave behind my family, several friends, and my church family for a weekend. Off on a break from the crumbling mess that is my life. Whether I'm just blindly running away or seeking a stable refuge I can't say. All I know is it's truly amazing how much you can hurt for your own good...

Friday, October 01, 2004


So I haven't got the hang of titling my posts yet. I'm sitting in the computer lab at good ol' WSU and thought I'd blog. Why, you ask? What on earth would she have to blog about before the passing of another month, you say? It's not even been twenty-four hours! Well I'm typing out a couple poems I'm entering in a contest they are having over at the Dayton Metro Library. I am currently trying my darndest to revise one of them and I'm just getting no where. So, in frustration I decided to blog in hopes it would work out the kinks in my brain. In other words, I have nothing interesting to say. Hmm, let's see...what can I talk about...well all that's going on in this little head is how to fix my poem. arg. I hate it when I obsess over little stuff. Oh well. I would post it and ask for suggestions but I was told that poetry is a big "no-no" as far as blogs go. Thus I shall spare you that torment. :) I'm just going to give up for now and turn it in as is unless something better presents itself in the next hour. And that's not going to happen. So now it's off to get lunch. Hurrah!