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Monday, March 07, 2005

random thoughts from the shower

i think my writing tends to be a bit dark. well, not all my writing. mostly my fiction. i wonder why that is... am i just predisposed to write as such? am i even allowed to write like that? i know that's a seemingly silly question, but sometimes i start to think that i am not supposed to. aren't i supposed to be happy? aren't my words supposed to be happy too? i don't know. i can still see the darkness, the unpleasant things that consume this world...perhaps more clearly than some...but is that a good thing? is it even a bad thing? or is my perspective just all askew? i can't tell...
i can't tell
and at times that frightens me. the things that are seen as hazy within that blackness, that unknown night, have definition and shape. and i know. i have seen it. i can still see it. is this how i am supposed to be? how i was created? or just a by-product of living? is it a defect? a flaw? or something else? i have no answers.


Blogger Kristi said...

Ok, Miss are your questions!

1. If you had to give a cookie to each person you say deserves one...what kind would you give out?

2. How do you truely feel about the rubber duckies in the sound booth?

3. Who is your favorite author, which work, and why?

4. Describe one thing that you are deathly afraid of.

5. Are you content with your choice of WSU? Why?

Enjoy, my dear!

2:59 PM  

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