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Friday, July 15, 2005

yet another update

this is getting a little pathetic. i think i'm blogging more on the road than i do when i am at home. ah well...that's me for ya. anyhoo, the first week of youth camp just finished up. we are a bit tired. :-p granted i write that as i know at least three of us are downstairs taking naps. teeheehee. but that is beside the point. youth camp was great. i got to talk with some awesome kids and watch God do his thing. yay! we're all looking forward to next week. it's going to be amazing. i'm getting a bit silly and don't think i can say much more coherently. besides i need to go downstairs and change out the washer and dryer. hope you all are having a wonderful summer and perhaps i'll be able to say more soon! :)

p.s. i miss you lots too lil!!!


Blogger lucinda_carole said...

Why, hello Robin.

I caved. I decided to go for a Blogger. For nothing more than a place to express my thoughts. It's quite depressing that you have had no comments yet, but I'm glad I've gotten to change that.

How have things been going with you? I hope to talk to you at some point sooner or later and let you know how my life has changed. I still think of you and your amazingly kind words to me at church camp, both last summer and the year before. They've stuck, but I've had many experiences since then.

May God Bless,
Lucy (from miamisburg)

5:14 PM  

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